Trainee engagement

Australia and New Zealand trainees can gain experience in Pacific Anaesthesia by enaging in a number of different opportunities. Below are a few example of ways that trainees can gain exposure to the challenges of resource-limimted anaesthesia and global health.

Check out the NZSA, ASA and ANZCA websites for links to scholarships and grants for NZ/Aus trainees hoping to work with the Pacific. Contact us for any other information.

Teaching, research

There may be a variety of ways that trainees can engage with creating distant learning opportunities, such as helping with formal research projects, journal article acquisition, or with examination preparation. Contact us at for more information.

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Scholarships and Grants for New Zealand and Australian trainees

There are a variety of scholarships that are aimed at supporting NZ/Aus trainees who are looking to engage with Pacific Anaesthesia. We've listed a few of these below to help you with research.

Overseas Aid Trainee Grant: by NZSA, provides funding for trainees to attend the Pacific Society of Anaesthesia annual conference. 

Sereima Bale Fellowship Programme: by the ASA Overseas Development and Education Committee (ODEC) committee. 3 months scholarships are available. The role involves teaching and clinical support for Pacific Trainee Anaesthetists based in Suva, Fiji Islands. 

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Working in the Pacific Islands

Aus/NZ anaesthetists can help relieve specific workforce pressures, and allow local anaesthetists to access educational opportunities, or even get some well deserved annual leave. Depending on availability/need, it may be possible for senior trainees to work in the Pacific under appropriate supervision, to help fill these gaps.

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