Pacific Anaesthesia Collaborative Training

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This new initiative has been launched by the New Zealand Society of Anaesthetists' Global Health Committee (NZSA GHC). It is aimed at providing sustainable support to anaesthesia workforce development within the Pacific Islands.

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1) Help Pacific Islands develop a sustainable anaesthesia workforce
The World Health Organisation and the Lancet Commission of Global Surgery outline the need for a global increase of safe anaesthesia services, especially in low-income and middle-income countries. PACT will allow the NZSA to strengthen our partnership with the Pacific, helping them meet the WHO/Lancet’s 2030 target of at least 5 anaesthetists per 100 000 general population of the country.

2) Engage New Zealand and Pacific Island trainees in a mutually beneficial relationship 

PACT also aims to facilitate mutually beneficial trainee development, by helping New Zealand (NZ) anaesthesia trainees gain experience in global health, health inequalities, and resource-limited anaesthesia.

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A safe, sustainable anaesthesia workforce

While NZ has ~22 physician anaesthetists per 100,000 people, some Pacific Islands have <1. Without enough, well trained anaesthesia providers, some Islands will not be able to safely meet increasing surgical demands.

The NZSA and ASA have supported in-region training of Pacific Anaesthetists via the MMed programme at the Fiji National University (FNU).

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Training more anaesthetists in the Pacific

FNU's three-year MMed programme will produce anaesthetists with a degree roughly equivalent to the ANZCA Fellowship. These Consultant/Specialist Anaesthetists will have a major impact on the development of anaesthesia wherever they end up working, helping train other anaesthetists in their home countries, and developing robust anaesthesia and critical care services.

The costs of training a single anaesthetist through this programme is approximately NZD $20,000 per year. As systems currently struggle to bear this cost, safe, sustainable Pacific Anaesthesia needs your support.


Help the Pacific access safe, sustainable anaesthesia by donating to PACT's educational fund.


Donate a coffee a week

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Join others in PACT

If just 77 people give a coffee a week, the NZSA can fund a Pacific Island trainee through the MMed programme!


Trainee collaboration with Pacific Anaesthesia

Australia and New Zealand trainees can gain experience in Pacific Anaesthesia by enaging in a number of different opportunities. Below are a few example of ways that trainees can gain exposure to the challenges of resource-limimted anaesthesia and global health.

Check out the NZSA, ASA and ANZCA websites for links to scholarships and grants for NZ/Aus trainees hoping to work with the Pacific. Contact us for any other information.

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Teaching and Research

A variety of educational and research programmes take place throughout the year. Some of these programmes will require direct contact within the Pacific (e.g. in-theatre teaching), while other opportunities could be carried out with distant involvement (e.g. exam preparation or journal clubs).

The Pacific Society of Anaesthesia annual conference is an excellent way to get involved!


Work in the Pacific

Pacific anaesthetists can only access educational opportunities if their workforce can spare them. 

Senior Aus/NZ anaesthetic trainees with appropriate experience can help provide locum support to Pacific hospitals, allowing local trainees to attend masters courses, conferences or even just get some annual leave!

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Pacific Island trainees in New Zealand

Every year, Pacific Island anaesthetic trainees travel to New Zealand for rotational attachments. 

You might be able to help support Pacific Anaesthesia in your own department! 


"Without safe anaesthesia, you cannot have safe surgery"

Hon. Dr. Iferemi Waqainabete


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